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Friday, May 07, 2010

Grass Cutting

Well, the mower is finally ready, the grass is 2 foot high, so it is time to cut the grass.  Made a start on it today, got the grass around the house done and half of the back field done so that is around an acre mowed.  Lots more left to do.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Let me tell you all a story about a small bull with a big attitude.
I was in the process of moving the bull from one spot to another the other day and he managed to get loose of his lead rope.

After some chasing around the farm yard he winds up in the goat pen, ah thinks I, gotcha. Not so fast, he ducks the rope I don't look up and manage to crash into the low overhead of the goat shelter. Down go I to the ground, nearly out cold, seeing stars and finding it difficult to gain my feet. I manage to get to my feet only to see the bull rear up and crash through the fence of the goat yard. Darn it, now another job, fix the fence.

So once more I am in hot pursuit of the bull across the yard. He takes it into his head to go across the road into the corn field, luck holds at least they have not planted yet so I am across the road casing after the bull with a lasso in hand.

Ginger is on the road in the pickup trying to cut him off from crossing more roads. I hear a sound and look down as I make my way at a fast clip across the file and low and behold there on my heels are two goats. Calvin and Klein have decided to follow me and now I realize this must be a sight a small bull being pursued by a man with two small goats on his heels, not the macho image one would think of.

The bull meantime is making good his escape, but, hello there is Ginger in true western style in the corn field with the pickup spinning tires doing a great impression of a Duke of Hazard episode. Ginger does a great job but the bull once more makes it way to escape, Ginger in a last ditch effort tries to head him off and hits the ditch on the side of the road at 40 mph and takes the truck airborne, it looks truly spectacular.

We give up for now take the goats home, repair the fence regroup and head off to find the little bugger. After a search there he is at the neighbors place a mile away making nice to his horse and steers. We round him up and with only one minor problem, me getting zapped on the hot wire get him home. What an afternoon, go home get ready for work and that is the end of another adventure on the farm.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Good time off so far. Got the vegtable patch corn and potato patches flower beds in and ready for Ginger to plant. Dug the beginings of the duck pond and got the pumpkin patch tilled. Put a hot wire on the fence for the horse padock. Lots of jobs finished .. Only afew thousand more to got.. love working on the farm.. Wish I could retire and work it full time..

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Day off.. The baby goas are doing well.. the baby geese I am raising for a friend are doing great. More fence work tomorrow.. The mini horses are due to arrive on the weekend. Next week we get our Longhorn bull

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Another day on the farm, the new baby goats have decided that they are capable of jumping the fence from their pen into the chicken pen. Not a problem except only one of them jumps in and the other cries pitifully, the hens don't like it much either as they stopped laying today. So, out with some creative fencing, and now they have a six foot high fence, that even they can't jump. Peace returns to the Rusty Spike Ranch.